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We provide our clients top-notch services in a number of Marketing areas such as Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Management, Email Marketing Campaigns, Online Reputation Management, Digital Public Relations, Influencer Marketing, Content Creation and Curation, and B2B Digital Marketing Programs.

Tap into CloudiTwins for all your digital marketing needs. Our brand tenders will prepare for you the most exciting and unique combination of services that will solely be suited for your own enterprise, leaving your customers with a lasting image of your business and a desire to come back for more.


Social Media Channels Covered





Google Ads


Creative Strategy

We will devise an efficient marketing plan which will comprise a number of strategies to advertise the client’s services, promotions and content. CloudiTwins will design ads, including messaging and images (as appropriate), and provide consistent campaign reports detailing audience reach and effectiveness of ads while scrutinizing ways to improve campaign performance.

Campaign Management

Our digital marketing platform has been expertly designed by professionals who are devoted to catering to our client’s precise marketing needs, and to provide them with exceptional sales conversion and ROI. We invest a substantial amount of time in investigating our client’s requirements which include their benchmarks of success and KPIs, in order to deliver the best marketing strategy available which will allow them to capture maximum market share in a digital environment.

Community Management

For successful brand management, social listening is extremely critical along with understanding your customers and space. It helps in screening inquires and problems and tackle issues in a timely manner. You can resolve issues and turn customer service grievances into loyal supporters with our powerful community management services. We have remarkable practices set up to tune in and monitor the social media community.

Paid Media

Common advertising strategies will include, but not be limited to, Google Ads, Google Remarketing Ads, Facebook and Instagram Ads, and Twitter Ads. Important note about AdBuy: AdBuy recommendation will be made by us after performing initial research of the business and understanding the client’s needs. Cost of Ads will be billed directly to clients and will not be included in CloudiTwins Management fee. Even though a typical AdBuy costs around $250-500 a month, the cost will still completely depend on your budget range and the competitiveness of the keywords being used.

Launch Marketing Plan

CloudiTwins will conduct a review of the existing and trending marketing strategies and expertly design a launch marketing plan that includes:

Strategic Launch plan including pre-launch initiatives and activities
3 months of post-launch marketing
Public relation building opportunities
Recommended paid advertising
Management of a social media content calendar
Running a blog content calendar

Annual Marketing Plan

CloudiTwins will review existing and trending marketing strategies and formulate an annual marketing plan that includes:

Strategic plan including digital, traditional and guerrilla marketing elements

Strategic event planning
Public relation building opportunities
Recommended paid advertising
Management of a social media content calendar
Running a blog content calendar

Competitor Analysis

CloudiTwins will provide the client with constructive and comprehensive analysis for up to ten competitors, as identified by the client. This will include rates, marketing strategies, quality of storefront (if local to Houston), and online reputation.

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Managed Social Media

We will manage 3 social media accounts, along with creating and handling the content calendar consisting of up to 3 posts per week. There is a minimum requirement of a six month commitment period which will be inclusive of a Social Media Account Setup fee waiver.

Managed YouTube

To maximize branding and website traffic effectiveness, CloudiTwins recommends developing a Youtube channel. This also requires a minimum 6 month commitment period with the Social Media Setup fee waived. We will upload two videos per month, provided by the client. These will be accompanied by well-crafted captions, keyword-targeted descriptions, an accurate transcription of the video, geographic targeting and links to the official website, all of which will immensely improve SEO efforts and drastically increase viewership.