How Health and Fitness App Exercises are using AI for Competitive Advantage?

How Health and Fitness App Exercises are using AI for Competitive Advantage

How long has it been since you had your workout session? More than a year maybe, because since the novel coronavirus, fitness has become another virtual phenomenon. You can get your trainer on a video call or just have an AI train you through a mobile application. That’s how health and fitness applications are using artificial intelligence to their advantage. And the one with the best AI may clinch the title in the end.



How does it work?

Not long ago, artificial intelligence was officially adopted for health care purposes, including tracking, measuring, and analyzing data for health care operations and the same may benefit fitness applications for better connectivity and accurate results.

Health and Fitness App Exercises are using AI

AI Assist With Live Trainer

For instance, you live with your trainer through your app, but how would the trainer check your vitals? Depending on the app of choice, an AI assist can help track your fitness goals and vitals and communicate the same to your trainer, who can be halfway across the world, and it doesn’t matter.

A Personal Trainer

Some of the applications don’t even need a trainer, they are pretty advanced in the same fashion where the AI tool is your trainer. Once you feed in your goals, current vitals, and routine, the same tool will guide you with the best possible way to achieve your fitness goals.

Is it worth it?

So it depends, whether you still want a live human trainer, or you’re willing to hand off your fitness regime to an artificial intelligence too. Rest assured, both of them are incredibly effective, and reaching your desired fitness goals and monitoring them along the way.

Although Google and Fitbit have already stormed into the AI space for better fitness regimes, it’s not long until others hop in and turn into a competitive advantage tool. Now that AI is almost everywhere else, there’s probably no harm in applying the same for health and wellness.

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