How User Personas Can Improve Your SEO Performance

Gone are the days when content creators and website developers had to stuff websites with tonnes of content in order to attain an amalgamation of key words to generate traffic. Given the rapid pace at which digital marketing methods have been evolving, the arrival of user personas to rescue cumbersome SEO methods was only inevitable. 


So, what are user personas? As the name suggests, user personas envision the way a company perceives its customers to be. Fictional, generalized characters are created based on the target segments which a company aims to appeal to, which are then used to optimize search engine operations. 


It is at this point that the services of the Google Search Console come in handy, through which key words which are driving the category of user personas to similar websites are identified. Such keywords generate insights for potential content that could be developed in a bid to generate consumer traffic. With user personas, all the hours of surfing and searching for SEO content can be substituted by fast-paced insights! 


Something to keep in mind when developing user personas is that the process calls for a collective effort on the part of the company. Input from the marketing and sales departments is imperative and priceless, while the senior management’s approval is also necessary. It is also important for companies to be aware of what they want to achieve through search engine optimization in order to be able to utilize it with optimality. 


All in all, as the digital landscape progresses, so do new SEO techniques, and the latest trend of building user personas is one which offers its share of benefits for content creators and is certainly worth utilizing! 

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