Is there any difference between Apple and Google Playstore?

Is there any difference between Apple and Google Playstore?

Since the inception of smartphones, our lives are pretty much in sync with whatever happens on Apple or Google Play Store. Whether it’s a new update or an application we can rely on, the dependency is just increasing by the day.


From a user standpoint, do we see any difference, the majority of the applications are available on both stores, free and paid, the updates are pretty much similar and even the aesthetics of it, then what’s there to differentiate?

Is there any difference between Apple and Google Playstore?

Here are some of the crucial elements, we often ignore:

App Descriptions

This may go unnoticed but on Google Playstore, you would have to tap the ‘Read More’ often than the Apple Store, probably because of the readability and size. From a ranking standpoint, such descriptions may not be important for Apple. But Google uses the same description and keywords to rank your app amongst others.

App Name

Another difference that we may not see, is the app name limit. For IOS it’s 30 characters but 50 for Android.


Screenshots can be the most captivating part of an app searching experience and slightly differ between Google Playstore and Apple store, where the latter allows 10 screenshots compared to 8 by Google.


Unlike Apple, Google Play Store does take into account the number of backlinks associated with the app to check for its authority and authenticity. Google Play search results are smaller than in the App Store search results – something very important to keep in mind when you consider adding a copy to your screenshots.

Which one is better?

Both Apple, and Google may have some key differences, but in the end, it’s actually about user experience, and which of the stores you’re more comfortable with. For a developer, it’s not about which store to target, it’s actually about their app target market, audience, and which of the platforms may be a good fit, in most cases, it can be both.

What to Lookout for?

The underlying objective is to set your testing priorities first, for instance, whether visuals matter or ranking. Once you’re sure about how to test your app, you can go ahead and use either of the stores.

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