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The Impact of Local SEO for Your Business

To local businesses, SEO may seem to be just one of the many options available for boosting digital presence. Many companies only look at SEO as a mere part of their overall marketing plans. They believe that SEO can only increase digital presence and would most likely yield low search volumes. Hence, for most companies, this is not a very lucrative option. However, the actual pay-off of local SEO, may come off as a pleasant surprise to businesses.

Grow Your Business with Us

Why do you need CloudiTwins for the growth of your business? You may be thinking that your company is more than capable of handling SEO on its own. Sure, that is an option. However, our agency specializes in the tools, expertise, and the infrastructure required to effectively manage SEO campaigns of local companies. The evolving nature of SEO makes it imperative to be equipped with essential tools, knowhow of changes in keyword trends, as well as the relevant bandwidth to manage multi-location data. Therefore, it becomes crucial to seek help from an outsourced local SEO solution, particularly for businesses with presence in multiple different locations. 

Local SEO Campaigns that Fit Your Needs

The needs of all businesses vary. These needs range from increasing online visibility, to increasing website traffic for the business, to sending more foot traffic to stores, or a mix some or all of these. CloudiTwins has a range of business plans to cater to all these needs, and more!


Our local SEO plans focus on distinct needs of businesses. Businesses of all types and sizes can benefit from our range of plans. Our specialists are more than happy to assists you with selecting the best option for your company, based on factors such as your budgetary allocation for the plan, the extent of local exposure required, the number of locations you wish to optimize etc.    

SEO Plans

Depending on the type, local businesses have the option to choose from our four different types of business plans

Basic Plan

This plan is perfect for local businesses with one or two locations. It includes one content page every quarter, optimized with the use of keywords, images, as well as multimedia content all focused on localized optimization.

Advance Plan

The advanced plan is useful for local businesses that aim to expand rapidly. This plan offers two pages of optimized copy, every quarter. Included in the plan is the optimization of at least three, but up to four locations.

Market Pro Plan

For businesses with branches in five to eight different locations, the market pro plan is ideal. This plan offers three pages of optimized copy every quarter.

Enterprise Plan

Businesses that have branches in more than nine locations and are looking to expand soon, must try the enterprise plan. This one also offers three pages of optimized copies every quarter.

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