Reshaping Web Development & Design In 2021: Top 5 Trends To Follow

Web Development & Design In 2021 San Francisco

Web development and design is an ever-changing phenomenon, design trends just last year or a couple of months ago may not be popular anymore. More of it is due to the decreasing user attention span globally and the never-ending race for eyeballs.


Web platforms, designers, and user experience teams are always on a lookout for trends to follow and in 2021, it’s all about:

Progressive Web Applications

A progressive web application is just like using a mobile app, some of the recent examples include Uber, Pinterest, Twitter Lite, and more.

UI/UX Design

User experience is one of the most important factors distinguishing billions of websites on the world wide web and determining whether you’ll even give a few seconds of your internet space to a particular web address.

Particular research states that a user may stay on your website for just 8 seconds, that’s the attention span, for any website user these days. Even then if you’re not optimizing UI/UX, you really can’t go ahead.

Minimalist Web Design

Contrary to the popular belief, minimalism is the new normal and is perhaps increasing user engagement far more than any other design phenomena lately. Modern-day website users want neat, clean websites, with high-performing visuals, but again, they prefer information in a rather tidy manner.

Horizontal Scrolling

As websites adopt different approaches, so does the web audience and the latest technique to increase user engagement is horizontal scrolling. Though it’s one of the successful design approaches, we need to be extra careful with what content may go with horizontal or vertical scrolling with appropriate visuals and clear cues.

Single Page Templates

Scrolling may have its benefits, but why go with the hassle of navigating users towards multiple web pages, when you can have a single page template. Just like scrolling through your Twitter or Gmail, it’s simple, easy to follow and comfort for the eyes over irritating visuals.

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