Responsive Web Design

Responsive Web Design as a Necessity

Mobile search ranking is not what all this is only about. A responsive website design is essential and a necessity while aiming to present a consonant brand image irrespective of what device is used. There is not actual benefit of having a big web presence if it does not provide the targeted audience with a good and unique experience.
A responsive web design will allow your website layout to modify and adjust to any screen dimensions, either they are big or small. Not just that, this revolutionary technology is adaptive to newer and improved changes in devices with advanced features.
While creating or designing a website, it is extremely important to prioritize its mobile friendliness, however, most people ignore this. Failing to create an all-device friendly website will negatively impact the performance as it will downplay on all the marketing tactics used since it will be a big hurdle for majority of the audience.

Smaller Screens, Similar User Experience

A few decades ago, having a mobile-friendly website design was not considered important since there were not a lot of mobile users. But in this day and age, most people use their mobiles or smaller devices to surf the internet, hence, it shows how crucial it is to have responsive and adaptable website design. This stands true not only for SEO based work but also for the overall consistency of a brand’s image and its place in the market.


Now, people expect to have a smooth browsing experience from the websites they visit. However, this does not mean that the change in adaptation should change the entire design too. The versions for each screen size should be of the same design to provide a good experience across the board. The location of each feature should be in the same place in each version so that the user is not confused or perplexed when switching devices. All of this is only possible when there is a responsive web design in place.

CloudiTwins is a renown and attested name in the market of web design and IT because of its ahead of the time innovation and technological advancements. When responsive website designs became a necessity, CloudiTwins took the charge and started providing its clients with remarkably adaptive and exceptionally optimized website designs that suit everyone.

We, at CloudiTwins, prioritize learning the best practices, staying up to date with emerging and predicted design concepts, and continuously work on improving our teams’ skills and expertise in the field of web design and IT. Hence, we can confidently claim that we consistently provide the most innovative and original responsive web and also mobile-only designs that deliver a coherent and smooth experience to the audience no matter what device they use.

Create a Seamless User Experience with CloudiTwins

The capital you spend on creating a responsive web design is more of an investment than an expenditure. It is a one-time investment that will be the base of your ever-lasting website. CloudiTwins’ web design services do not only focus on the website’s appearance across different devices but also on its optimization and ease of use on each device, making the website perfect for each device in all aspects. 

Content Management System (CMS) is one of the most vital changes on a website. The costs vary a lot since all responsive designs and redesigns are not the same for each website and require different work. The costs depend on the graphical aspects of the website, its entire structure and build, and the amount of changes needed in the existing design to make it more responsive.

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