Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Results Focused SEO

CloudiTwins Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services are focused on increasing sales for your business. Our holistic SEO approach helps you to reach your audience and convert them into your customers. Our SEO tactics entail maximum strategies for growth & conversion ranging from website audit to constant improvements in lead flow. 


Our SEO Services: 



  1. On-Page SEO
  2. Local SEO
  3. E-Commerce SEO
  4. SEO Campaign Management 

CloudiTwins SEO Process

Our SEO process is comprehensive and covers all aspects of SEO implementation & management. 

Research & Website Audit

In this phase, we work closely with our clients to get a better understanding of the client’s business goals and target markets. The takeaways from this phase help in shaping the focus of SEO strategies. It also helps in building accurate short & long term goals for your business. Our website audit is focused on finding the shortcomings and gaps of existing SEO strategies of the client’s business. We also conduct market research including a SWOT analysis in this phase to identify the differences with the competitors.

Keyword Research & Strategy

This is when we put your ideas into measurable SEO strategies to create a stream of constant customer growth. We look for the right keywords to use and formulate a plan for content creation & implementation, all of this goes into a content calendar that includes social media strategy to engage new audiences, press releases, blogs and link building strategies. We formulate We also work on the technical aspects of the backend in this phase to make them more SEO friendly. We completely optimize your website to make it SEO friendly, the optimization is done to make your website easier to index in search engine results. We keep the in focus keyword to ensure that users looking for can find you easily.

Content Creation & Implementation

Sticking to our plan formulated in the previous phase, we start working with the content plan which includes blogs, news articles and other website assets. This content addresses the concerns of buyers and improves the user’s journey on the website to include more user engagement strategies. We also implement social media strategies to build your community. We also ensure that our content syndication strategies can help you to reach out to market leaders and expand your customer base by identifying the potential partners for link building campaigns, PR etc.

Reports and Metrics

This is actually an ongoing phase after we start implementing phase 3, this phase helps in measuring your return on investments with metrics from the data-driven results. It can’t be stressed enough that one of our goals is to increase sales, “not merely traffic”, so we also analyze our success by getting your business more exposure & market share. We ensure that your marketing budget is well spent and we have the analysis reports to tell you that.

Best SEO Practices

No Black-Hat Tricks
We pride ourselves in practising the white-hat SEO strategies and we highly discourage our customers to use any of the black-hat practices.


Updated SEO Strategies
We keep researching to find the latest SEO strategies so we are always on top of our game in the constantly progressing SEO industry.


Regular Training

Our SEO staff goes through rigorous training and holds valid certifications of SEO training. We also participate in professional training of new SEO practices so we can help our clients better.


SEO Friendly UX

We work with our clients to ensure that their business website has SEO friendly UX implemented, we suggest valid and easy to make changes for improvements in the UX of the website.

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