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As we divulge every day into a much more fast-paced and competitive environment, we at CloudiTwins acknowledge how hard it is to hire, train, and retain an information technology resource for businesses across the board. Our staffing portal is not only limited to internal opportunities. We provide an equivalent number of options for external hiring. Our expert IT recruiters are equipped to find the best fit options for your business requirements. Our robust background checks and qualification process validates each applicant with the utmost detail. We run internal and external checks in existing resource databases to validate the applicant’s skillsets. We drive innovation and ensure performance and retention.

Why Us ?

Do you know how much time you will spend on hiring a useful resource? Why not use the same time to pursue growth and expand your business horizons. Let CloudiTwins do your hiring for you. We provide end to end staffing services for all your information technology needs. CloudiTwins acknowledges that information technology recruitment is unique and requires a multifaceted approach towards onsite, offsite, and offshore sourcing.

How do We do it ?

Here is how we provide state of the art staffing solutions:

Drop your resume on our portal

Recruiter interview

Team interview

Client interview

You get hired

Track the progress and share a smile

Types of Staffing Solutions

Our staffing solutions range from several hiring mechanisms, including:

Contract to Hire

An employment contract is specific means to a specific end. However, our clients can decide whether to extend the employment period at the end of the contract period.

Temp to Hire

Our clients hire resources for a short-term period in temp to hire, which may be extended with the client’s permission.

Full-time Hire

With a full-time hire, we offer a complete staffing solution where each and every term of the employment is categorized under a formal contract.

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