The need for Having a Mobile-Friendly Website

Mass traffic of online searches comes from mobile users because people find it very convenient to use their hand devices, such as smartphones and tablets. In 2017, online websites experienced that, on average, 50% of their users are relying on phones to visit their websites. Consequently, many sites are doing their best to restructure the available content to be available to a mobile user in an easy to use format.

The following are the main reasons that compel business owners to have a mobile-friendly website:

  1. Improves SERP ranking: In 2018, Google announced the adoption of mobile-first indexing that helps to rank websites based on their phone versions. The up-gradation in algorithms needs the website owners to switch towards mobile-friendly content- otherwise, they lose up their Search Engine Result Page (SERP) ranking.
  2. Ease of Use: Nowadays, most people access websites using hand devices that require website owners to provide easy-to-use content. The traffic may feel frustrated if they don’t find images and content adapting to the phone’s screen size – causing the increase in bounce rate.
  3. Higher sales volume: The mobile-optimized website enables potential customers of the business to access 24/7 their products. As a result, the customers feel it convenient to open and order the products because otherwise, they have to buy expensive desktop computers or laptops.
  4. Helps in social media marketing: On average, people tend to spend around 150 minutes daily on different social media platforms using their mobile devices. Most of these users regularly like, comment, and share posts of different websites operating around the globe. Thus, a business owner can easily promote their website through social media marketing. And it requires a phone friendly website.

In a nutshell, the above reasons clearly show the importance of having a mobile-friendly site when it comes to own a successful website. The wise entrepreneurs are fully utilizing it to rank or sustain their websites on the first page of Google.

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