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It is not just important for a website to look aesthetically pleasing but it also needs to be effective. Being a full-service web design company, CloudiTwins infuses professional aesthetics with unique and optimized design solutions that provide your business with a web design that is adaptable as well. 

Lately, most of the business-customer interactions and communication has started to take place online – mainly on the business’ official website as it is the go-to reference point for the customers to contact the business. We all know the importance of first impressions and their impact in the industry of sales. Keeping that in mind, CloudiTwins do not only produce website designs with remarkable first impressions but also create UI and UX design solutions that generate repeat customers out of a one-time website visit.

Website Design:
How We Do It

Aesthetics – 

The appearance is what we work on initially while designing a website for you. Through its theme, overall style, color palette scheme, presentation of content, and other visual and graphic elements the website makes its first impression on the visitor. For this purpose, we use static as well as dynamic design elements such as optimized images and multimedia. Lastly, but most importantly, we make sure that the websites design and look is the same across all devices and screen sizes while making it a responsive web design. 

Navigation – 

The navigational factor of a website is what can make or break the user’s overall experience. CloudiTwins make use of a simple yet intuitive navigational structure. It is customized so you can easily select your needs and preferences, such as whether you want to use breadcrumb navigation or hamburger menu for mobiles.

Visuals –

It is essential to have visitors’ traffic on your website and keeping them engaged. All this can be done with the help of attractive visual elements, intuitive directional cues, calls-to-action, and offers, which help and lead the visitor to do certain tasks without even losing interest or getting bored.

We’re the UI/UX Design Firm You’ll Love for the Job

CloudiTwins is popular and known for its innovative and spot-on amazing designs. While working on UX and UI designs, we prioritize on following the best practices and focusing on the key elements and problems that require close attention and inspection. CloudiTwins is run by competitive and goal-driven experts and professionals. Our unmatched experts in UX and UI design services will make sure that a well-crafted website design is provided to your business.

CloudiTwins UX/UI Design Services

Individual Web Page Design

Each page on your website will be designed with appropriate and unique aesthetics while maintaining smooth functionality. All our charges and costs are based on the number of website pages you need us to work on.

Custom Branded Design

To further improve the experience of your website’s visitor we will help you by curating an original branded website that is in line with your brand image and goals. We will provide you with a variety of options – from simple to high-end ones – to select from and also customize them to your needs and preferences.


At the end of the day, content is what really matters. We have a team of expert and seasoned content writers who produce compelling content for any website. Not just that, all our writers are experts in SEO based writing which is key in increasing the traffic and engagement on any website.

Responsive Web Design

Having a responsive web design makes sure that you do not lose on a big chunk of your target audience and your place in the market. CloudiTwins will help you create a responsive web design that generates a smooth and seamless experience for all web users and visitors irrespective of what device they are using.

SEO Services

To make the most out of a UX and UI enhanced website it is essential to incorporate SEO. Having SEO based content delivered by our digital marketing experts on your website will improve its search engine ranking while also increasing its visibility and the visitor traffic on the website.

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