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Website Design

CloudiTwins is your modern yet mobile-friendly WordPress web design service provider. Not only do we use the latest industry standards; in fact, we focus on decluttering the navigation process for a clear, concise, and attractive message.

What’s Included?

All web design packages include the following

Build with WordPress


At CloudiTwins, we believe that online presence alone is not enough in the digital world. CloudiTwins will provide you with a befitting, professional, and competitive website design along with technical support.

Stock Photography

Do you have a website, and you can`t afford custom photography? We at CloudiTwins offer up to 20 stock free images to make your websites more aesthetically pleasing and visually creative.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) often entails choosing keywords and incorporating the same in your text. CloudiTwins offers you a complete SEO friendly service where we analyze your titles, tags, and metas and alt texts to target specific keywords. 

Search Engine Submission

After preliminary SEO measures, we add your website to Google Search Console and submit your sitemap, allowing Google to index and track your website`s search queries.

Google Analytics

We synchronize your website with Google Analytics, which is a useful tool to gauge your website statistics, including visitors per day, sessions per day, device usage, and peak usage hours.

Hosting and Domain

A website is incomplete without adequate domain and hosting services. We at CloudiTwins link you towards the best possible user-friendly and budget-friendly domain and hosting plans. We can acquire the best Hosting plan for you with features as per your requirements and can also find a unique domain name for your website based on your business name. 

Web Design Packages & Pricing

Choose from one of our popular website design packages or contact us for a custom quote!

Starter Website


Up to 4 pages and semi-custom theme.

Small Business Website


Up to 12 pages with a customized theme.

E-Commerce Website


Up to 12 pages + product pages & shopping cart.

Web Design Process

Our Web Design packages include the following:


Our initiation team conducts a telephonic conversation, video call, or a meeting as per your comfort to gauge your website requirements, content drafts, and the purpose behind your website.

Talk to Cloudi

After gathering preliminary details, we send you a detailed proposal laying ground rules, parameters, optimum hosting plans, and relevant website requirements. CloudiTwins prices its services on a fixed cost basis.

Sign the Contract

Once you accept our proposal and after ratifying all relevant clauses, we commence the signing of the contract. We create your CloudiTwins account and bill you for a fixed deposit. You can pay before the website launch or, in the next months, agreed in our terms of service.


Once all the formalities have been completed, and we have your signed contract. CloudiTwins begins the design phase. We map your draft to the WordPress platform and initiate a website design sequence. The next steps include creating menus, incorporating content, determining basic structures. As per our terms of service, we present you with the initial draft within two weeks of the design phase.

Review & Revisions

We want you to own and test your website on your own. Therefore we have a review stage where you can take on your website for a test drive. Drag and drop, navigate around, check out the menus, read through your content, and you can review each bit of your website. Once you`re satisfied with the website design and development, you can reply to us with your valuable feedback and suggestions if necessary. Remember, we are always here to chat and help you out. After the initial review, we will allow you to have one more chance at reviewing and testing your website.


After a preliminary Search Engine Audit, we wait for your green signal and, of course, the final payment. Once we are all set, we launch your website from the development to the actual production stage, and you`re good to go.


To launch a website is just the preliminary phase. We know that it`s not easy to maintain your websites. Therefore we are available for your website maintenance on an hourly basis.

WordPress Website Design Package

Do you want to be a part of a platform that powers more than 30% active websites today, including e-commerce market places, marketing companies, news agencies, and the list goes on? CloudiTwins can make it possible with an extensive design and development solution to generate leads, enhance engagement, increase sales, and provide you with a competitive edge.

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