Website Maintenance

Extend your Website’s Lifespan

It’s crucial to keep updating the website in an ever-changing and evolving industry. And the subscription to CloudiTwins website maintenance plan will help you in those upgradations.
The maintenance package covers almost everything your website may need- ranging from simple content updates to extensive design updates. Therefore, our website maintenance program has an excellent reputation in the market and is considered one of the leading maintenance agencies.

CloudiTwins Web Design Package

The following are the standard features of the CloudiTwins web design package

User Experience

We value your customers’ opinions and feedback and incorporate all those suggestions to improve your website, such as tips to improve site performance, navigation, and other general ideas.




Product Update

The timely addition of new products and the removal of old ones are also crucial in keeping your customers satisfied. CloudiTwins enables you to make these updates in the store’s product line.




Promo Updates

The short term price discounts, bundles, or shipping promos can be regularly updated on your website to give customers up-to-date information.





Interactivity Component Upgrade

Performance issues, high bounce rate, and low conversion rate are a few problems that can arise due to regular browser updates. However, the experienced team of CloudiTwins will eliminate the poor performance issues of your website’s interactive components.

Website Maintenance Costs:

The cost of website maintenance varies from business to business because of the different maintenance work that each website requires. The plan does include the addition, editing, replacement, and deletion of the following items:


  • Text (mostly product copy)
  • Photos/images
  • Animations/videos
  • Links
  • Forms
  • Individual pages
  • Navigational elements
  • Downloadable files

Advanced Website Maintenance Work

Design Updates and Maintenance

Website designing is often a part of website maintenance packages, and agencies charge for it hourly. However, the availability of this service also depends on the website maintenance agency. For example, few agencies don’t hire in-house web designers and outsource their work to third parties. On the other hand, CloudiTwins hire in-house designers and offer various services since it’s a full-service web design company. The following are the services that are included in CloudiTwins advanced website maintenance work:


  • Advanced image editing/ manipulation
  • Video editing/manipulation and compression
  • Audio editing and compression
  • New custom webpage design
  • Website Navigation redesign



Unlike other agencies, CloudiTwins offer transparent rates for all the services and tries its best to provide maximum customer satisfaction. Here is the list of services that CloudiTwins offers to its clients:


  • Site-wide redesign
  • New functional component
  • Interactive or animated components
  • Original photo, video, and marketing material creation
  • New website content
  • SEO and PPC

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