What your website should not have

What your website should not have

There is no one way to do your website right, but there are ways you can do better. You could be losing a lot of engagement because of your poorly designed website. A user-friendly, attractive, and engaging site can do wonders for your business. How long will people stay, browse through, and what they click, depends on you. These are some basics that will ensure your site doesn’t end up in the bad websites dump of the internet.


Cluttered layout. You do not want your audience to get lost. Carefully choose what you do with your whitespace. Your layout should not be all over the place.


Hard navigation. Your website template should not be confusing and hard to surf. Everything should be properly segmented leaving no confusion on where to find something.


Long text pieces.  It’s often dull and boring to read long paragraphs of text on websites. People usually spend seconds on the home page and the content should not scare them away. Ensure your words are relevant and used correctly to convey the message.


Pop-ups. Nothing is more annoying than visiting a website and having to deal with all the pop-ups. They can be scary, and most do not like to continue on a website where they have to constantly close the popups.


Bad backlinking.  A broken backlink, leading to an error, can be very disruptive. Check your backlinks, update the changes, and make sure they are bold, so the users know to click on them.


Font mistakes. There are simply too many font issues on websites now. With a bigger variety to choose from, doesn’t mean your website can have 10 different font styles. That is distracting and disrupts the flow of the reader. It’s important to choose an easily readable font. Fancy fonts often end up being difficult to read.

Website design is crucial to capture your target market. We hope this helped and you end with a website that gets you maximum traffic.

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