Why do you need to have web hosting?

Web hosting is a service that enables organizations and individuals to publish their websites or web pages on the internet. A web host is a business that provides all the necessary technologies and services required to increase engagement and viewership of the website or the web page. Websites are hosted on servers. When a person wants to open your website, they need to type a link to your website in their browser, and then their computer will automatically redirect them to your page.

If you want to be in full control of your website, then you need to invest money in web hosting. The best part is, it isn’t even that expensive. Some important benefits of resorting to web hosting are as follows.

It gives you control: when your website is registered on a platform like Blogger or Tumblr, it means you’re taking a big risk. For your website to remain online and functioning, you must follow through with their terms and conditions. Sometimes, site owners can take off your website.  You could lose crucial sales or clients as a consequence.

Opportunities for customizing: when you don’t invest in web hosting, you have lesser options for customizing your website. The tools and plugins that you can access are too few. This could hinder the growth of your website. When the website is your own, you have greater control. You can customize the site as you please.

Your website is secure: if you don’t own your site, there could be security risks involved. Web hosting companies, on the other hand, readily provide expert support that you can resort to in case there is a security problem. Their services are available around the clock. This would make your website from hacking or other forms of security invasions. We at CloudiTwins can assist you in getting the perfect hosting plan for your Website Design 

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